Our Technology In a Nutshell

Location based services require the ability to compute road network distances or trip time between points (e.g., lat/lon) on the map. We provide the ability to compute them inside any database product without the need for additional software or hardware.

Our patented technology is unique in the following sense:

  1. Significant cost savings since there is no need for additional software or hardware
  2. 20X higher throughput than state of the art methods
  3. Works with any database product (Postgresql, Mysql, Oracle, SQL Server, Vertica) as well as newer big data platforms such as Spark or Hadoop
  4. Analysis on road networks can now be expressed using SQL

How easy is your technology?fig-technology-nutshell

All one has to do is to call the dist function in your SQL statements and this can either provide distance in kms or trip time in seconds. See the example below.

--- Road distance between White House and US Capitol
SELECT dist(38.8977, -77.0366, 38.8898, -77.0091);
--- This produces 2144.7 (meters)

How do I setup your product?

Using our patented process, we provide a single table that captures the road network (e.g., entire USA, Europe, India, China or Australia) which you load into your favorite database product. Then you can automagically compute road distances or trip time using SQL.